Urban Health Centres:

Urban Health Centres are providing Maternity Services, Prenatal & Antenatal care, normal deliveries, and child welfare services including immunization programmes. Motivation services for family welfare including sterilization / vasectomy operations are carried out. All the Centres are involved in Pulse-Polio Programme and other immunization campaigns.
i. Hospital at Arilova
       Hospital at Arilovais run by the IRCS, Visakhapatnam.During 2016-17, OP turnover has increased to 350 per day, which was around 30 per day 2 years ago. Many specialty services including dental services are included this year. In addition to round-the-clock services, medical camps are conducted by this Hospital. Evening clinics in some of the slum area were also established. Apart from immunization and other Government programmes, this Hospital also aims at reduction of Anaemia in women, for which periodical check-up programme is being conducted in the hospital.
Free Medical Services were provided to nearly 9,600 patients with medicines free of cost.

ii. Hospital at Sriharipuram
       The Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation handed over this Hospital to IRCS. This Hospital caters to the medical needs of the nearby colony, slum and village residents to the tune of around 350 outpatients per day with specialist doctors from paediatric, gynaecology, dental, skin & ENT specialities. Laboratory facility with sufficient nursing staff is available to take care of any emergency on round-the-clock basis.Medical services and medicines are provided free of cost.
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