Other activities:

i. Medicine Banks
       The concept of the Medicine banks has been evolved with the object of providing medicines free of cost to poor & needy people to the extent possible, supplementing the services by the Government in providing free medicines. In furtherance to this objective, four (4) Medicine Banks have been opened so far at the following places in the state and they are functioning satisfactorily.
  • Red Cross Medicine Bank, Bapatla
  • Red Cross Medicine Bank, Srikakulam
  • Red Cross Medicine Bank, Vzianagaram
  • Red Cross Medicine Bank, Vijayawada
       The IRCS intends to set up as many Medicine banks as possible in each district. For successful functioning of the Medicine Banks, the IRCS makes allout efforts for donation of medicines or cash by appealing to pharmaceutical companies, Chemists and Druggists Associations, doctors and philanthropists.

ii. Medical Camps
       IRCS, APSB regularly conducts Medical Camps in all Districts with the help of senior doctors and specialists who volunteer to give free service. Medicines are also distributed free of charge.
iii. Tracing Activities
       Conflict and disaster separate families, leading to years of uncertainty about the fate of a relative. IRCS, A.P. State Branch with the support of ICRC locate people, exchange messages, reunite families and clarify the fate of missing persons.
Have you lost contact with a family member ?
       Family News Services
  • Delivering a family message when the regular means of communication ( such as telephone, poster service, internet, etc) are interrupted by using a Red Cross Message.
  • Tracing a family member who is separated or lost contact due to conflict, disaster or other situations of humanitarian need.
       These services are offered to
  • Family members separated due to conflicts, disaster or any other situation of humanitarian need.
  • Refugees and asylum seekers
  • Migrants
  • Separated children
  • Families of the above-mentioned categories
iv. Jeevandhara / Janaushadhi Pharmacy Outlets
       To mitigate human suffering, IRCS generic drug stores were established in Nellore, Visakhapatnam is catering to the needs of the below poverty line patients who are attending as out patients in Tiruapthi and its neighboring areas

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