“The imploring appeal must therefore be made to men of all countries and of all classes, to the mighty ones of this world, and to the poorest workman: for all can, in one way or another, each in his own sphere and within his own limitations, do something to help the good work forward.”

- Henry Dunant : A Memory of Solferino


To prevent and alleviate human suffering in the face of emergencies, to protect life and health, and to ensure respect for the human being, by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors.


Ensure access to safe, quality, life saving blood and blood products through 100% non-remunerative and voluntary blood donations and to meet 100 % of requirement during times of disasters.
Enroll 5% of the population as volunteers, to establish a strong network that can act in times of need.
Cover 1% of the population as a trained volunteer force, so that in an emergency there are trained individuals nearby who can use their skills to save lives.
Establish institutional mechanisms to promote and propagate the fundamental values of Red Cross movement.
Establish institutions to deliver efficient, quality health and welfare services to people in need or in distress, particularly the poor & the disadvantaged.


To establish Blood Component Seperation facilities in all 18 Blood Banks by 2020.
To achieve 100% voluntary blood donations by the year 2020.
To meet 100% of blood unit requirements by 2022.
To cover 100% of schools & colleges under Junior / Youth Red Cross by 2020.
To partner with State Government in Disaster Management activities, including capacity building initiatives.
To establish a state-of-the art Training Centre for Disaster Management and First Aid.
To implement SERV (Social and Emergency Response Volunteers) programme in all districts by 2020.
To undertake team building activities such as conduct of Sports meets and other competitions to promote values of Red Cross among youngsters.
To undertake skill development programmes for youth and dropouts.
To promote yoga and other health initiatives.
To partner in initiatives under Swachh Bharat to improve cleanliness and sanitation and hygiene practices in the State.
To take up awareness activities in environment protection.