Social And Emergency Response Volunteer (SERV) Programme:

The SERV programme is being implemented from 2017. The programme aims to create a cadre of trained volunteers, numbering 1% of the population of each district.
SERV is expected to:
  • Act as First Responders in times of emergencies
  • Sensitize the community to make them more resilient to disasters to which the community is vulnerable
  • Provide immediate relief to the disaster-affected communities before additional support from the government and other agencies arrives
  • Reduce vulnerabilities of communities by training the communities on first-aid, hygiene promotion, social and civic responsibilities, etc.,
  • Conduct vulnerability and capacity assessment of their own communities
  • Facilitate linkages between the community and Government programmes
  • Support any other identified social issues that contribute to the development of the communities

Srikakulam District of Andhra Pradesh has been selected as the pilot district for implementing the SERV programme. 1% on the district population will be trained as SERV Volunteers in a phase manner.
** The programme was officially launched on 24th October 2017 and is under way.**
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