First Aid:
       First-Aid is the assistance given to any person suffering a sudden illness or injury, with care provided to preserve life, prevent the condition from getting worse, and/or promote recovery.
First Aid can:
  • Reduce the number of deaths, injuries from disasters or any other emergency
  • Increase the capacity of students and communities in first aid response, and broaden their scope to develop the humanitarian response at the time of any emergency
        The IRCS A.P. State Branch provides various courses for different types of First Aid training for employees working in Corporate Sector both private and public sector, Government organizations, factories and Industries, community level volunteers and to students in educational institutions. IRCS A.P. State Branch has trained a pool of 45 medical doctors accross the state as Lecturers in First-Aid who are authorized to under take First-Aid trainings and to sign the applications/certificates to be issued by NHQ, New Delhi.

S.No Name of the Course Duration Eligibility Level Validity
1 Senior First Aid (Professional ) 16 Hrs Everyone (expect blind) II 3 years
2 Voucher 16 Hrs SFA (min 1 year) II 5 Years
3 Medallion 16 Hrs Voucher (min 1 year) III 5 Years
4 Label 16 Hrs Medallion (min 1 year) IV 5 Years
5 Lecturer 32 Hrs (6 days) Label (Min 1 year) V 5 Years