Become a Member:
  • Any person can help this international humanitarian effort by donation in cash or kind, and by enrolling as a member and serving voluntarily in any of its activities
  • People of Andhra Pradesh residing outside the Andhra Pradesh State can become member by selecting their native District from 13 Districts of Andhra Pradesh displayed
  • Red Cross provides assistance to victims of war, natural calamities, disasters, epidemics without discrimination of race, religion, creed, nationality, political opinions. In addition to its relief activities in emergencies, it promotes and undertakes activities of development and prevention of illhealth disease and preparedness for disasters
What is expected of a member
  • Act in accordance with the principles of the Red Cross Movement
  • Serve without desire for material / financial gain
  • Be available in emergencies to render services based on ones abilities & skills
  • Respond to the need of vulnerable people & communities
  • Fulfill duties without discrimination of nationality, race, creed, political values or religious belief
Red Cross Online Membership
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S.No. Types of Membership Rates of Subscription
1 Patron Rs 25,000/-
2 Vice Patron Rs 12,000/-
3 Life Member Rs 1000/-
4 Life Associate Rs 250/-
5 Institutional Member Rs 5,000/- per annum
6 Annual Member Rs 100/- per annum
7 Annual Associate Rs 50/- per annum (*Annual members shall have no right to vote)